October 1, 2011

AP Set Or Original Set,Apa Beza Dia?

Kat sini mcm nk shared kat anda sume satu info,yg mungkin ade yg dh tahu atau yang xthu lg..pade yg dh thu tu,kalau rajin bace la,blh tmbh2 kat pengetahuan am..

Zaman skrg ramai yg buat perniagaan online, antara medium yg paling hot skrg adlh fb..so aku org yg x t'kecuali selalu ikut p'kembangan shoping online ni..mcm2 aku tgk t'msk la p'niagaan hp..lately ni byk jgk aku buat research(rajin sgt?) ttg harge dan jenis hp blackberry (bile la nk dpt kan)..so harge die mmg jauh lbh murah dr harge kat luar.sgt jauh la,pastu sometimes org tu siap buat sales lg..mmg rse mcm nk beli terus je..tp xnk la gelojoh2 (padehal duit xcukup)..so mostly yg jual harge murah ni confirm akn tulis "100% ori"..waaa best sgt,dh la harge murah pastu ORI plak tu..tp jgn la lurus sgt,selidik dulu..n hasil kajian aku,mmg sumenye ori,tp dibwh AP set waranty..dulu time zaman nokia,mmg AP set ni org takut nk beli, org ckp AP set xori..tp bile zaman blackbery ni,b'lambak pulak org beli blackberry AP set ni..hahahahahaha..so aku google ape beza ORI dan AP set..nk thu??ni die (aku copy paste je)

A General Reading Information

Zitron is the distributor for Nokia phones in Malaysia. For AP (Approved Products) set means, its not by Zitron or any other licensed distributors by Nokia Corporation.

Advantage for AP (Approved Products) sets phone is its cheaper than Zitron and the disadvantage is customers only gets less than a year warranty and all fixes will cost own money.

AP (Approved Products) set is directly ordered by the shop owner or other distributors. There are also European sets. Purchasers usually can tell by the packaging also the manual book included inside usually not in English language or any language the original country supplied.

To differentiate, checkout for the Zitron hollogram sticker, usually sticked underneath the battery slot on the phone.

Original Mobilephone Sets
- Nokia's authorised distributors are Zitron, AvaXX and i-Mobile.
- Sony Ericsson authorised distributors are T-Choice, Grandtech and Midlands.
- First Mobile Group (FMG) is the main distributor of Samsung phones and is giving 18 months warranty.
- Motorola authorised distributor are Satellite Technics, Zitron and MDM.
- Siemens authorised distributors are Zitron and First Mobile Group (FMG).
- Customer's can service their mobilephone at any service centres (Nokia Professional Centre, Sony Ericsson Certified Service Centres, etc)
- 1 year warranty for the full set including charger, battery & handsfree kit.
- Geniune parts are used for repairing & replacements.

AP (Approved Products) Sets
- Approved Products which is mainly imported from overseas or imported from other countries meant to be sold originally.
- AP (Approved Products) set warranty by companies such as Final Choice, CSL, Nefion, Telstra, GTMax, etc.
- 1 year warranty for the phone and 1 month for the accesories supplied together such as, charger, battery & handsfree kit. 
- Customer's must bring their mobilephone back to the place they originally bought the phone for servicing and warranty claims.

Usually AP set with foreign Vodafone or T-Mobile logo, it means that your phone might be service provider locked. Those Vodafone or T-Mobile are the service operators in the UK and that's where the phones originally meant to be sold. Not all AP sets have the logo. AP sets are Approved Products which means that these products are certified by SIRIM Berhad that the product is safe to use.

In other words, AP (Approved Products) product not brought in by the authorised distributor such as Midland, T-Choice for SE, Avaxx or Zitron for Nokia, FMG for Samsung and etc. The phones can even come from Singapore and may even have the M1, Singtel or Starhub logo. Remember to check the phone if it is locked especially those from Singapore and Vodafone.

AP (Approved Products) sets has different level of quality control. Big AP (Approved Products) companies like Final Choice, GTMAX, Nefion, Telstra, O'Connors have extensive quality control checks. Others like MSL, YS, PLANTRONICS or names not mentioned here, are slightly cheaper than the original. Whether they replaced their mobilephone with other replacement parts, its another question.

AP (Approved Products) set actually paid government tax but is just that they are not taxed by the Local Authorised Dealer. AP (Approved Products) set is normally distributed by small handphones companies and they might stop business anytime and that depends on the business levels.

Futhermore if there's major damage on the AP (Approved Products) set, the AP (Approved Products) companies might not have enough equipments to fix it. At the end, they still have to send it to the authorised dealer (eg. Zitron, Avaxx). There are reconditioned set might be known as water set, so beware when purchasing AP (Approved Products) units.

Reconditioned sets are second-hand handphones from overseas, the importer just change the phone cover (might not be original cover) and do some servicing, replacing parts inside and sell it as an AP (Approved Products) set with warranty 1 year. As far as known FMG will not fix mobilephones other than FMG warranty handset (even they are paid to do so).

Identify Original and AP(Approved Products) Set
- Take out the phone case and battery.
- Original set comes with authorised company sticker (Zitron, Avaxx, T-Choice, Midland...)
- AP (Approved Products) set comes with AP (Approved Products) company sticker.
- Press *#06# to check the phone 15 digit serial number (IMEI).
- Compare it with the IMEI written on phone sticker (back of phone case) and package box sticker. 
- For original / original AP (Approved Products) sets, these serial numbers are the same.

Harap info ni dpt m'bantu sape yg tgh2 cr phone tu..


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